750 MG – CBD Oil Soft Gels

750 MG – CBD Oil Soft Gels


Our 30 count or 750 MG CBD Oil Soft gels are extracted from our proprietary strain of high CBD hemp. The harvest begins with organically grown hemp outside on the farm in Colorado. Maintaining quality standards of harvest and cultivation of hemp along with proper extraction of oil makes sure Japa Organics Daily Restore soft gels both nourish the body and are effective.

When buying CBD oil soft gels, important factors are: full spectrum CBD (terpenes and cannabinoids), safety and free of contaminants, high standards of cultivation and formulation (transfer of oil to actual soft gel).

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Full Spectrum & Whole Plant Effect

Japa Organics Daily Restore soft gels come from hemp plants that naturally produce high concentrations of Cannabidiol. Each CBD soft gel you are getting also getting other healthy whole plant of full spectrum benefits as well. Whole plant cannabinoids work best synergistically – think of the example of a symphony orchestra. Instead of just the violin for example (CBD) you are getting the cello (CBG), percussion (CBN), etc. The end result is a holistic benefit where all cannabinoids work together for the overall benefit.

Clean & Safe To Absorb

Our hemp plants are registered and grown in Colorado working directly with the Department of Agriculture. The importance of working with a governmental agency ensures our CBD oil must be safe for users. We use third party testing labs to identify accurate CBD concentrations along with contaminants such as; zero pesticides, zero heavy metals, zero mold. Our Daily Restore soft gels are have been processed with absorption in mind. What good is CBD Oil that does not fully absorb once ingested? Our patent pending water soluble PCR hemp oil increases absorption rate into the bloodstream. Many CBD oils on the market prove to be insoluble when combined with water or liquid which makes it difficult for the body to absorb.

Grow, Cultivation & Formulation

Our Colorado farms grow high CBD strain hemp plants based on experimenting with various breeds and understanding which plants provide the most cannabidiol. Beginning harvest under the sun then moving plants to extraction facility ensures consistency of product and one trusted source handles the oil. The plants are not being imported from overseas and inconsistent. Our organically grown hemp strains mature and then start extraction (how you get CBD Oil from dry plant). Onsite testing along with 3rd party labs to batch testing the CBD Oil ensures accuracy of finished product. Japa Organics provides all natural, non-GMO cannabidiol (CBD).

Soft gel Benefits & Information

Japa Organics Daily Restore are the most popular soft gel line we sell as they keep a consistent soft gel for each day of the month (30). Containing 25MG of CBD per soft gel is a which is a standard and very effective for a wide range of conditions. Our 750 MG soft gels are exceptional for; health conditions that are moderate to extreme, 25-65+, routine users and health conscious individuals.

  • Health Conditions – Legally we cannot make health claims, but we’ve been told our soft gels are ideal for a wide variety of ailments as they are consistent treatment.
  • 25-65+ – As most people are familiar with taking multi-vitamins or supplements by this age it’s taking soft gels is a familiar process without any stigma such as smoking.
  • Routine Users – Easy to use, convenient and accurate dosage for entire month.
  • Health Conscious – CBD Oil has thorough research of benefits and case studies so we’ve found a great deal of health-conscious customers re-ordering Japa Organics Daily Restore as they know the benefit and want continual homeostasis vs 1-2 weeks for example.

We are often told by customers that the quality is amazing compared to other products and they love how easy it is to incorporate into their daily routine and lifestyle. The 375MG – 15 count soft gel bottle is very convenient. If you’re on-the-go, need a smaller dosage throughout the month or want to try CBD soft gels before committing to a larger bottle the 375MG is a great fit. With Japa Organics Revive you know exactly how much CBD you are absorbing with each soft gel. With our 375 MG CBD soft gels you can start with 1 soft gel daily and increase to desired “sweet spot” if needed. They are easy to use and you don’t have to stress about measuring dosage or any stigma related to cannabis.

How To Use?

CBD soft gels are ideal to be absorbed in those who commit to a long-term daily regimen of CBD Oil. Soft gels on average absorb slower compared to other forms of taking cannabidiol. Ingesting a soft gel can take 30 minutes to 2 hours plus to influence the bodies Endocannabinoid System. The benefit of soft gels is a long duration of effect anywhere between 6 to 8 hours.

Japa Organics Daily Restore – Recommended Use

  • Store at room temperature and do not refrigerate
  • Keep away from humidity, light or heat
  • Take one to two soft gels as needed
  • Place soft gel in mouth and swallow with water
  • Repeat as necessary

Why Japa Organics Daily Restore?

Having the ability to continually dose a high MG of CBD Oil (25 MG per soft gel) that is derived from a water-soluble CBD Oil is why Daily Restore is so popular. The pharmaceutical grade soft gels are safe to include in your daily routine and very effective once starting a routine. We are fortunate to see our Daily Restore line being reordered frequently as it is effective and very easy to use.


Ingredients: Polysorbate 80, MCT oil, polysorbate 20,

phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, beta-caryophyllene, gelatin capsule






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Jenelle Z.

Love It

I've been purchasing this product for awhile now and I will continue to do so as long as it's around. It relieves sore/achy muscles pretty quickly/efficiently. Love the smell, all natural ingredients, etc. Now I've got my husband, mom and stepdad all hooked. Always comes in a timely manner and I've never had any issues with anything arriving broken etc. 5 stars for me!

ee m.

the real thing

Good. I have tried three brands (Japa, Blue Bird, and another). The third bottle ( another brand) had nearly clear CBD capsules. The other two ( Japa, Blue Bird) had dark brown capsules. I believe the clear capsules are some imitation, fakes. The dark brown 25 mg capsules have helped my anxiety and inflammation and joint pain. It is amazing really. I am also sleeping so much better, it seems to help my apnea. Great stuff!

United States United States


Use this for relief of muscle aches, strains, etc. Really helpful and smells really organic

Japa Organics 750 MG - CBD Oil Soft Gels Review
Brandon c.

Great for crohns disease pain

I've been dealing with complications and pain from crohns disease for about 5 years , this is the first product other than all the nasty pills I take that has made a huge improvement on my quality of life. Overall I feel like a new person and am stoked I have this product to get me through this horrible disease. Brandon

Patty R.


I use the salve every night before bed and love it!