375 MG – CBD Oil Soft Gels

375 MG – CBD Oil Soft Gels


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Our 375 MG Phytocannabinoid Rich Soft gels are derived from our unique strain of high cannabidiol (CBD) hemp grown outdoor in Colorado. Ensuring the best harvest of the plants and extraction of oil ensures these CBD soft gels are effective and nourishing to the body.

The main considerations when buying CBD oil soft gels are: CBD concentration and whole plant properties (terpenes and cannabinoids), clean & safe to absorb, grown & cultivated to high standards and qualified end formulation (transfer of oil to actual soft gel).

CBD Concentrations & Whole Plant Effect

Our full spectrum CBD Soft gels have a very high concentration of CBD naturally. However, with each soft gel you are getting the whole plant benefit. This is important as cannabinoids work best in harmony and you don’t want to treat the body with just one isolated phytocannabinoid (only CBD for example) if you can utilize all plant properties to work together. With our state-of-the-art extraction process and high-quality hemp plants our soft gels include CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and terpenes.

Clean & Safe To Absorb

Our hemp is grown under the Department of Agriculture in Colorado. Working with the Department of Agriculture ensure quality standards must be met and the process follows good manufacturing processes. Batch testing indicates exact level of CBD present along with safety (no pesticides, heavy metals, contaminants). Safety of the product is vital, and absorption of CBD ensures you are getting the best treatment for your body. Japa Organics soft gels are created with water soluble PCR hemp oil; this simply means you are absorbing more CBD into the bloodstream. For example, pure CBD oil added to water will be insoluble so it is not readily absorbed into the bloodstream once digested and moving through the body’s complex anatomy.

Grow, Cultivation & Formulation 

Growing unique strains of high CBD hemp requires years of analysis and testing. Our farms grow a very high CBD strain based on years of cross-breeding and identification of which plants produce highest CBD. The initial harvest is outside in a natural environment but then brought into a vertically integrated facility to ensure a consistent process for all plants. Once our organically grown hemp plants have matured and are ready for extraction (process of drawing CBD Oil from hemp plant) we use on-site chromatography testing and third-party independent labs to ensure accuracy. Our finished products are all natural containing no GMO’s. Ensuring a consistent process and attention to detail to all phases of growth and cultivation, Japa Organics is very safe to consume and effective compared to other CBD products.

Soft gel Benefits & Information 

Our 375 MG CBD Oil Soft gels are very popular for those who want to great for everyone as they have many benefits and forms of usage. Each soft gel contains 25MG of CBD which is a standard to high dosage depending on a multitude of factors. Based on customer feedback we’ve heard our soft gels are fantastic for; traveling or on-the-go lifestyle, athletes, baby boomers, newer users, daily users, and those less experienced with cannabis.

  • On-The-Go/Traveling – Convenient bottle and smaller overall MG per bottle for travel.
  • Athletes – Quick recovery after workout and daily CBD for continual homeostasis.
  • Baby Boomers – No stigma attached, unlike vaping CBD or visible oral drops.
  • Newer Users – Accurate dosage to avoid confusion and ability to increase at high rate if needed.
  • Daily Users – Easy to store with and include in your daily multivitamin routine.
  • Less Experience – Good alternative to vaping as it is absorbed via bloodstream.

We are often told by customers that the quality is amazing compared to other products and they love how easy it is to incorporate into their daily routine and lifestyle. The 375MG – 15 count soft gel bottle is very convenient. If you’re on-the-go, need a smaller dosage throughout the month or want to try CBD soft gels before committing to a larger bottle the 375MG is a great fit. With Japa Organics Revive you know exactly how much CBD you are absorbing with each soft gel. With our 375 MG CBD soft gels you can start with 1 soft gel daily and increase to desired “sweet spot” if needed. They are easy to use and you don’t have to stress about measuring dosage or any stigma related to cannabis.

How To Use? 

CBD soft gels are best in a routine lifestyle as they tend to absorb moderate to slower compared to other delivery methods. Once ingested soft gels typically take 30 minutes to 2+ hours take effect. Although soft gels take longer to absorb they carry a long duration of effect between 6-8 hours.

Instructions & Storage Japa Organics Revive

  • Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness
  • Store away from heat, light and humidity
  • Do not refrigerate
  • Take one to two soft gels as needed
  • Open mouth and absorb soft gel preferably with water

Why Choose Japa Organics Revive? 

Our high CBD strain organically grown hemp and proprietary water-soluble hemp

oil are a few reasons people love our 375 MG Soft gels. Our pharmaceutical grade soft gels are safe to use and effective compared with competitor CBD oils. Japa Organics Revive is perfect to begin the CBD journey and true health starts within.


Ingredients: Polysorbate 80, polysorbate 20, MCT oil,

phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, beta-caryophyllene, gelatin capsule











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  1. 5 out of 5

    These are awesome quality and great when on the go! 25 MG CBD Oil per capsule is sufficient and easy to measure. Love em!

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