CBD Dosage – How Much CBD Oil Is Good To Take?

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CBD Dosage – How Much CBD Oil Is Good To Take?

Figuring out how much CBD to take isn’t always an easy task – the perfect CBD dosage may not happen your first experience with CBD. Everyone has their own health conditions and as Cannabidiol is not a mainstream medicine such as Advil or cough syrup there is not as much standardization. So unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all for recommending CBD dosage.

Why Is There Not One CBD Dosage For Everyone?

As everyone’s physiology is unique and different factors influence how much CBD oil one should take it doesn’t make sense to have one CBD dosage for all. Some factors that influence CBD dosage are:

    • Body Weight
    • Medical or Physical Conditions – What stage? How mild are extreme are they?
    • Sensitivity or Tolerance to Cannabis
    • Metabolism and Body Chemistry in response to CBD.One’s Endocannabinoid System and how it’s reacted to Cannabidiol over time.

All of these considerations above can greatly influence one’s experience with CBD. For instance, someone whom has a long history of cannabis will have developed a much greater tolerance and need a higher dosage than a brand new user. Just as with any element introduced to the body, it can acclimate and certain receptors (CB1) can become desensitized with heavy usage.

This is why it is imperative to consult your health professional or physician and listen to his recommendation. This advice matched with your own personal needs and physiology, and most importantly your medical professionals advice could be an effective starting point.

Guidance for Using CBD

Beginning the journey of learning which CBD dosage is perfect for you can be a process so it’s recommended to approach CBD with an open mind. Additionally, there is currently no official dosage guideline for CBD. If you experience any unpleasant side effects or a decrease in results consider decreasing your dosage by half. Oddly enough, often by decreasing your CBD dosage you can more effectively find your ideal dosage. After approximately 4 days of decreasing, if you feel normal you can increase dose gradually until you find your ideal dosage.

Monitor the body closely and once you find your maximum result it is ideal to keep track or record what the daily dosage is. Note: For Japa Organics CBD products please go to individual CBD Tinctures, CBD Soft Gels, CBD Salve product pages to see relevant standard dosages. This information below is a generalization.

As everyone is unique and dosage is not standardized, many health care professionals specializing in Cannabidiol have agreed on a three tier approach; microdose, standard dose & macrodose.

  • Microdose – 0.5 MG – 20 MG of CBD Per Day
    • Good starting point for anyone that hasn’t taken Cannabidiol before.
    • First 7-10 days when starting then adjust to standard dose if results are not occurring.
    • May be beneficial for; headaches, sleep, mood, stress, PTSD, nausea, metabolic disorders, etc.
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    250 MG Tincture – 1 dropper is 10MG.

    Standard Dose – 10 MG – 100 MG of CBD Per Day

    • Mid Dosage and good for those with some prior experience with CBD.
    • May be beneficial for; Lyme Disease, pain, auto-immune disorder, anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis, weight loss, austism, inflammatory bowel syndrome, arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia and some mental disorders.
  • Macro Dose – 50 MG – 800 MG of CBD Per Day
    • Very large dosage that is therapeutic in nature for more extreme conditions.
    • Not recommended if mild to medium condition and new to CBD Oil.
      May be beneficial for; epilepsy, cancer, seizure disorder, liver disease and other life altering conditions.

How long does it take CBD Oil To work?

There is a range of different factors which act to influence how long it takes for CBD to begin working. Depending on what symptoms you are seeking relief from, how much CBD you take, and what method you choose to take it, you’ll notice it may take varying amounts of time to notice effects.

Examples of typical timelines of effects depending on the method of administration are:

  • CBD Taken Via Vaporization
    By far the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD oil is via vaporization. Vaping CBD oil works in such a quick fashion due to it being inhaled into your lungs, which results in the beneficial compounds being absorbed within minutes. For most users, beneficial effects will be noticed within 5 to 10 minutes of vaping CBD oil.
  • CBD Taken Sublingually
    Another relatively quick way of enjoying CBD’s beneficial effects is through sublingual administration. When CBD oil is taken sublingually, or placed and held under the tongue, the mucous membranes there are able to quickly absorb CBD’s beneficial compounds into your bloodstream. By bypassing your digestive system, CBD taken sublingually is much more efficiently absorbed than by simply taking it orally. Effects from CBD oil, when taken this way, may be noticed within a half hour to an hour after administration.
  • CBD Taken Orally
    Taking CBD oil orally is probably the most convenient way of enjoying its beneficial effects. CBD may be taken orally in the form of an oil either straight or mixed with food, or is sometimes found in tablet form.This method is preferred by many due to its convenience and lack of negative side effects, which some report when vaporizing CBD oil. When CBD is taken in this way, it must pass through your digestive system prior to absorbing so its effects are not noticed nearly as quickly as with the previous methods. When consuming CBD orally, whether it is in the form of a tablet, an oil, or mixed with food, it usually will take roughly an hour to notice its beneficial effects. If you take it on an empty stomach, you may notice beneficial effects more quickly, within 20 minutes for some, but due to the CBD still needing to make its way to your liver before providing symptom relief, this method is considered inefficient.
  • CBD Applied Topically
    CBD is also found in the form of creams, ointments, or lotions which are intended to be applied topically, or directly on the skin. Many users seeking out CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits choose this method which results in the CBD oil’s effects lasting much longer, due to its slower rate of absorption. When applied topically, most of the CBD does not make it to your bloodstream so aside from localized pain relief, you are not likely to notice any other effects.

How many drops of CBD oil should I take each dose?

If you are taking CBD oil in form of a liquid or tincture this is taken sublingually or under the tongue. Likely be wondering how many drops should you take. “Titration” originates in chemistry and means to take smaller steps over time to allow for a slower adjustment. It’s best to start slower with smaller dosages and working your way up until reaching desired results. As many experts agree this is a safe, effective way to introduce medicine to patients it is also now recommended as well for CBD Oil.

Using the “titration” technique you would take 5mg dosage in the morning and see if you notice any effect. If you do notice an effect, there is no need to increase dosage – rather you have identified your ideal milligram dosage. If however, you did not feel any difference you would then increase your next dosage to 10mg and so forth until you notice effects.

japa organics 500 MG CBD Tincture Supplement Facts

Serving size and amount of CBD should be clear.

Tincture drops explained – All tinctures come in various sized bottles so you would need to look at the size of the bottle and the overall CBD oil milligrams for total product. You shouldn’t have to pull out a calculator and do math to find out how much CBD you’ll be getting per each serving size. Any legitimate CBD product will have clear labeling to help each user understand how much they are getting. In terms of how many drops please refer to the above three tier approach to decide where to start and use “titration”.

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