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Safe, Lab Tested, Organic CBD Oil – Our Origins.

Japa Organics™ was founded in 2018 with a mission to deliver safe, legal, pure Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) sourced directly from Colorado to our loyal tribe. After exhausting countless options, looking for high quality CBD Oil we realized how difficult it was to find. Identifying which Cannabidiol was safely tested, sourced, legal and effective became a challenge. CBD is a product with no regulation and are many snake oil companies are out there. Japa Organics is founded on ethics and honesty so you can trust our CBD Oil.

Our mission at Japa Organics™ is to deliver Cannabidiol you can trust, that is ethically sourced in the U.S., safe to consume, lab tested and is premium quality. The benefit of Cannabidiol instead of other cannabinoids (THC) is that you will not feel high or get the any psychoactive effects. Japa Organics values a natural and healthy human plant relationship and are your partners in delivering the best CBD on the market. We believe in the harmony of using plants in our everyday life’s. We want you to be able to trust our CBD Oil whether it’s for personal usage, your pet or family member.

10 Reasons To Become Apart Of The Japa Organics Tribe:

  1. Legal In All 50 States
  2. 3rd Party Lab Tested
  3. Organically Grown
  4. Grown & formulated in the US
  5. GMP Compliant
  6. Non GMO
  7. Full Spectrum -Whole Plant CBD
  8. State of the Art Extraction Process
  9. Proprietary High CBD Strain
  10. Compliant under section 7606 of 2014 Farm Bill Act