Japa Organics – Phytocannabinoids – Our Ethos

Japa is an ancient practice in which a mantra or the name of a deity is repeated either quietly or out loud. The Sanskrit word is derived from the root, jap, meaning “to repeat quietly and internally.”

Japa yoga combines yoga with japa. It is believed that practicing Japa yoga removes the impurities of the mind, destroys sins and ultimately results in samadhi, or communion, when practiced regularly.

Japa Organics was founded in 2018 with a mission to bring quality Cannabidiol (CBD) to yogis, and non yogi’s everywhere and make each other healthier. Just as Japa Yoga is said to remove impurities, destroy sin and bring a communion when practiced regularly CBD parallels many of these traits. CBD binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors in our endocannabinoid system and together improves our immune system removing impurities in the body. It is best to take CBD oil frequently to encourage homeostatis and wellness in the body so Japa Organics recommends regular usage.

Why CBD & Japa Organics?

CBD was discovered in 1940 and is very new to science. Although, it has much controversy around the industry and carries a stigma being so close to marijuana it has tremendous health benefits. We developed Japa Organics as we have seen the benefits in our own lives from improved muscle function and therapeutical benefits to pain.

Japa Organics mission is to bring premium CBD and hemp products to women and men whom do not want to feel high or get the any psychoactive effects but seek a natural and healthy human plant relationship. We believe in the harmony of using plants in our everyday life’s and want to provide the best quality hemp oils available, grown in Colorado, lab tested and full spectrum so our users get the whole plant experience and healing benefits without getting high.

We greatly appreciate our tribe, thank you from the bottom of our heart. Japa Organics.